Upcoming events

  1. 24 August 2024

    1 dayNewcastle
    Aerial photograph of Newcastle

    researchED Newcastle


    Connect with leading researchers, academics, classroom practitioners and school leaders in Newcastle, Australia’s best kept secret.

  2. 30 August 2024

    1 dayBrisbane
    A photo of Churchie’s Centenary Library

    A Matter of Translation Conference 2024

    Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)

    A Matter of Translation allows teachers to share their practice with their colleagues. The goal is to assist teachers in connecting key advancements in current learning and behaviour research with their daily classroom practices.

  3. 6 September 2024

    1 dayAuckland
    The International Coalition of Girls Schools logo super-impoed over a photo of Westlake Girls High School

    Educating Girls’ Symposium

    International Coalition of Girls Schools

    Join colleagues from girls’ schools from around the globe at Westlake Girls High School in Auckland, NZ to network and share best practices.

  4. 25 November 2024

    3 daysSydney
    Photograph of The University of Sydney quadrangle

    16th International Cognitive Load Theory Conference 2024

    The University of Sydney, School of Education and Social Work

    As researchers increasingly combine coginitive load theory with other theories of learning and instruction, it has evolved into an interdisciplinary theory. The conference will reflect this growing diversity of topics and research directions.

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    On tech neglect

    Thursday 20 June 2024

    Should social media permissiveness be a new category of 'neglect'?

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    On technology in schools

    Tuesday 4 June 2024

    Some speculations on why educators find tech so appealing

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    On cold calling

    Monday 13 May 2024

    Making it work in secondary school

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    On change management

    Sunday 5 May 2024

    For anyone who needs to hear it.

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    On reading spines

    Saturday 20 April 2024

    and what I learned in the process of co-creating one

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    On money, ethnicity and unnecessary/necessary tutoring

Photo of Rebecca Birch

About Rebecca

Rebecca Birch is a teacher of English and the Director of Research and Practice at a top independent school in Sydney, Australia. She worked as a learning support officer in diverse settings while she undertook her teacher training after a successful career in advertising and fashion.

Rebecca has provided consultation and content services for Ochre Education and Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn, and has appeared on panels for ResearchED and the Gonski Institute for Education. Her current research interest is the link between explicit instruction and student wellbeing. She writes for publications and through her newsletter.

Publications and media

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  2. OpinionTech enthusiasts, are you really putting student’s learning first?EducationHQ 9 July 2024
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